GM Afcon develops and implements technologies which ensure the most advanced perimeter security and protection for facilities of all kinds: airports, seaports, factories, data centers, solar farms, cellular and communication base stations, utilities and critical infrastructures, military sites and borders, banks and ATM’s, mobile and strategic assets, VIP premises, and more.

Its advanced technologies are based on the analysis of actual performance across hundreds of projects, as well as ongoing improvements over the years, leading directly to their position today at the forefront of perimeter protection.

The company’s two flagship products:




The Advanced Multi-Function Electronic Sensor

The V-ALERT sensor is designed to detect vibrations and movements caused by attempts to break, cut or climb fences, break through walls or remove protected elements from the site. The sensor measures movements and searches for anomalies across 2 separate axes or vectors (x and y) of the structure on which it is installed, at a rate of hundreds of times per second. The system operator can identify exactly which sensor has been activated, and slew to cue the CCTV cameras and security personnel to the exact point of intrusion.

Providing significant technological advantages over previous generation mechanical sensors, the V-ALERT sensor’s sensitivity and detection parameters can easily be adjusted in order to provide a system that detects at the highest possible level of security with the lowest possible false alarm rate (close to zero).

Primarily a perimeter intrusion detection system, the V-ALERT is used for an ever-increasing number of indoor and outdoor applications. The sensor can be mounted on all kinds of perimeter fences (chain link, welded mesh, metal posts, barbed wire, ornamental, etc.), inside underground walls (to detect tunneling), on walls of houses and critical infrastructures, not to mention on irregular structures such as roofs, window bars, doors, high-value equipment, fuel tanks, generators or even ATM’s.

With each sensor or group of sensors capable of being calibrated with different detection parameters (according to the exact security needs and the type of structure on which they are installed), the system is extremely flexible.

The sensor’s versatility across different locations and in varying configurations enables pinpoint, advanced security at all kinds of challenging sites, including International border projects.

Key features


Enhanced Digital Electric Fencing System

GM Afcon’s perimeter electric fencing system not only acts as a physical and psychological deterrent for any would-be intruders, but also maintains continuous alarm detection capabilities through the wires themselves.

This advanced security system features Adaptive Digital Technology (ADT), which continuously adjusts the detection threshold according to changing weather conditions. By ensuring optimal detection sensitivity at any given moment throughout the year, the system is able to significantly reduce false alarm rates compared to competing analog-controlled systems.


Key features