Factories and Warehouses

Factories and associated facilities within them are often spread across extensive areas, making it difficult to maintain the security of the site in a timely and efficient manner. GM Afcon’s perimeter security systems allow constant monitoring, 365 days a year, via its network of V-ALERT detectors installed around the perimeter as well as in critical areas inside the plant. Constant analysis and comparison of the data flow from sensors (every second) enables the controller to easily distinguish between a genuine break-in attempt and a false/nuisance alarm caused by something innocuous like a gust of wind. In this way, the factory or warehouse is given maximum protection, while its operating costs over time are significantly lower compared to older generation detectors that routinely generate false alarms. And within the plant itself, detectors can not only be installed on fences or walls, but also on (or underneath) critical facilities or equipment that are in need of enhanced security.