GM Afcon’s system is based on advanced electronic technology. It includes both an enhanced digital electric fencing system as well as its unique V-ALERT sensors, which report with the highest levels of reliability when there is a break-in or threat. These V-ALERT sensors are highly sensitive to shocks, but can accurately differentiate between a routine event such as a gust of wind, versus a genuine threat that must be handled through the dispatch of a task force.

The company’s two primary solutions can be integrated into a dual technology security system for maximum protection: 1) a “repulsion” system through its electric fencing that deters the intruder while also detecting and locating the attempted intrusion and providing a corresponding message to the control center, and 2) a system of pinpoint electronic vibration sensors based on an advanced acceleration technology.

Both of these solutions are based on our unique Adaptive Calibration Technology (ACT) and  Adaptive Digital Technology (ADT), that takes into account environmental conditions at any moment in time and adjusts detection thresholds accordingly, thereby filtering out false alarms to the lowest possible level, while maintaining maximum detection capabilities at all times

GM Afcon is the only company in Israel that holds 6 different official certifications (for V-ALERT ) – from the military, police, security agencies, as well as water and electricity infrastructure organizations in Israel. These special approvals were received after passing rigorous, long-term tests, which found the V-ALERT  to be highly reliable, and suitable for a variety of perimeter security purposes and applications.

GM Afcon’s systems are suitable for securing strategic civilian and security facilities such as: airports, seaports, factories, data centers, logistics centers, solar farms, utilities and critical infrastructures, borders and military sites, factories, VIP premises, and more.

The V-ALERT  sensor is based on advanced technology that allows it to report independently to the controller. The system’s algorithms ensure a high level of differentiation between vibrations caused by genuine break-in attempts and vibrations caused by environmental conditions, meaning far fewer false alarms than older generation “detectors.” In addition, the V-ALERT  sensor has no moving parts, which are a common source of false alarms in mechanical systems. The V-ALERT  sensor is also highly versatile in terms of a site’s security needs, capable of being mounted on walls, fences, roofs and floors, below the surface of the ground, and for seaport facilities, even submerged in water (to protect various underwater installations and barriers).

In short, it depends on the location of the site, its characteristics and unique security requirements. However, for any site or facility in need of protection, the integration of the “repulsion” electric fencing system will add the feature of “intruder deterrence,” which can be crucial to the delay of an intruder during an attempted incursion. Additionally, the combination of detection and early warnings from two different technologies within the same system reduces the chances of a false alarm to virtually zero.

During initial stages, GM Afcon assists the customer to identify its specific security needs and the optimal system configuration for the site. The company then provides technical guidance during installation and implementation and, following this, provides ongoing support according to the customer’s specific requirements.

The main advantage is the peace of mind and certainty based on the company’s certifications and track record – not only have GM Afcon systems been thoroughly tested and approved to MILITARY SPECIFICATIONS (MILSPEC approvals are available upon request), but they are also field-proven in hundreds of projects in Israel and around the world. In addition, the company provides full support in the design and planning of the system according to security requirements, unique site characteristics and the intended budget, along with training to ensure simple and easy installation by the customer, minimal ongoing maintenance expenses across the system’s life cycle, together with maximum adaptation to all kinds of weather conditions.

GM Afcon’s products are used by the Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli National Security Council, the Israel Police, the Prime Minister’s Office and, in fact, all security forces in Israel. Its systems have been installed and are operating successfully in hundreds of sites across the country, such as: military bases, outlying towns, border zones, critical security sites, strategic civilian sites, etc. The system has also been installed in many countries around the world, such as: Spain , Norway, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Mexico, India, Korea, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Italy, Peru, Costa Rica, and more.