About Us

GM Afcon Security LP was founded in 1996. Today it stands as a subsidiary of the Afcon Group, a publicly traded company with thousands of employees, a leader in Israel in the fields of infrastructure, electromechanical systems, control and automation, and communications.

GM Afcon specializes in the design, development, manufacture and implementation of a variety of advanced solutions for perimeter security. Its unique offerings provide the total perimeter security solution, integrating indoor and outdoor detection technologies, while interfacing seamlessly with other systems.

Over the years the company has successfully supplied perimeter security for hundreds of projects in Israel and around the world. Our solutions are field-proven as the most effective in securing essential facilities of all kinds: airports, seaports, factories, data centers, solar farms, cellular and communication base stations, utilities and critical infrastructures, military sites and borders, banks and ATM’s, mobile and strategic assets, VIP premises, and more.

Specializing in outdoor security, GM Afcon’s product range and technologies are continually updated to meet the challenges of a constantly changing security environment and increasingly sophisticated intruder.

The company boasts 6 certifications testifying to the quality of its products, which have been found to be class-leading in their security performance and reliability in tests conducted by the Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli Ministry of Defense and other security agencies.

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The company’s flagship product in its perimeter security range is the V-ALERT digital sensor, known worldwide as the generic brand name that symbolizes superior quality.

The advanced V-ALERT electronic sensor from GM Afcon provides an integrated and optimized perimeter security solution, detecting intruders right when they start entering the protected area. The system provides pinpoint, real-time alerts, thereby enabling the timely activation of security personnel to the exact point of intrusion.

Our staff’s extensive field experience ensures that from the initial stages of characterization and planning, each perimeter security system supplied is tailored to the direct and immediate needs of each client. At the same time, the company prides itself in providing personal guidance and support from its management to guarantee each client’s peace of mind, in order to provide the optimal level of security for the specific application.

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