LineCOMM & SecurCOMM 

High Security local monitoring system  - a RS 485 based communication system transmitting the alarm signals to the control center running the SecurCOMM Central Monitoring System Software – dedicated Software for GM Afcon’s Intrusion Detection Systems.

  • Wired Communication System employing state-of-the-art communication protocol.
  • Consists of LineCOMM communication cards connecting to a LineCOMM Receiver Card installed in the Control Room.
  • The LineCOMM Receiver Card interfaces with a computer running the SecurCOMM Integrated Security Site Management Application.
  • Multi-directional configuration – loop, closed loop and star configuration.
  • Communication Card connects with up to 2 V-Alert Processor Cards.
  • Continuous 2-way communication ensures that there is no communication breakdown – essential for high security applications.
  • No Communication System breakdown in closed loop configuration in the event of a CUT in the Communication Cable.
  • Ongoing “handshake” communication between the Computer and LineCOMM Receiver.
  • Simple and user-friendly configuration using the LineCOMM Settings Manager.
  • Alarm Storage Buffer – no alarms will be lost.
  • Real-time synchronization between all system elements.
  • SecurCOMM - dedicated Control Room Software showing the alarm on a synoptic map and maintaining a real-time alarm log of all the events on site.