Digital Electric Security Fencing system DETERS, DELAYS and DETECTS intrusion attempts.. High voltage pulses deter the intruder physically and psychologically, whilst GM's Monitoring Cards monitor the high voltage pulses using GM's unique adaptive ADT Adaptive Digital Technology.

  • ADAPTIVE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY maintains a continuous alarm detection capability on the electric wires significantly reducing the false alarm rates in competing analog controlled systems.
  • Electric Shock HIGH VOLTAGE wires provide a non-lethal electric shock to the intruder acting as a physical and psychological deterrent.
  • LOW VOLTAGE Detection Wires replace more commonly used ground/earth wires.
  • VERIFIED ALARMS – ALL the electric fencing wires are detection wires with separate alarm indications from the HIGH and LOW VOLTAGE wires.
  • RELIABLE Intrusion detection from attempts to cut and climb the electric fencing wires
  • REPELS animals, DETECTS humans.
  • CONVERT any type of fence and wall into an alarm intrusion detection system.
  • APPROVED by International Safety Standards