V-Alert Electronic Sensor - PINPOINT DETECTION        

The V-Alert sensor is an electronic sensor with no moving parts that has been designed to detect changes in movement or vibrations caused by attempts to cut, break or remove elements in the protected site.

The detection capability of the  sensor enables installation on solid structures such as walls, window bars and doors as well as on all types of perimeter fences. 


Digital Electric Security Fencing system DETERS, DELAYS and DETECTS intrusion attempts.. High voltage pulses deter the intruder physically and psychologically, whilst GM's Monitoring Cards monitor the high voltage pulses using GM's unique adaptive ADT Adaptive Digital Technology. 

LineCOMM & SecurCOMM 

High Security local monitoring system  - a RS 485 based communication system transmitting the alarm signals to the control center running the SecurCOMM Central Monitoring System Software – dedicated Software for GM Afcon’s Intrusion Detection Systems.

PULSE Command & Control System

Control Room System Software from GM's group company integrating CCTV, Access Control and other technologies with GM Afcon’s detection systems to provide a total project system solution.